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  • Research Topic Consultation
  • Synopsis writing
  • Review of Literature
  • Review or survey paper writing.
  • Up to 90-95% Thesis Plagiarism Removal work
  • Thesis content writing work up to 90-95% plagiarism Free. (Ph.D & M.Tech)
  • Paper Writing work. (Springer, Scopus, IEEE, Care Journal, Web Science, SCI, ABCD Grading Journal)
  • Synopsis content writing work. (Ph.D, M.Tech)
  • PowerPoint Presentation work
  • Assignment work
  • Book Writing work
  • Book Publication work through ISBN.
  • Conversion of thesis/Projects into Book
  • Book Chapters writing
  • Book Chapters Publication
  • Conference paper Publication through ISSN/ ISBN.
  • Data collection & Interpretation work of the thesis.
  • Plagiarism Check through Turnitin & Urkund
  • Editing & Proofreading services for Ph.D & M. Tech Thesis.
  • M.Tech Projects - Mechanical, Civil & Computer Science

Research Topic Consultation (M.Tech Projects & Ph.D Thesis)

The research topic or title of a thesis is of utmost importance Therefore, it is essential to seek research topic consulting services.
We offer a comprehensive list of research subjects from which scholars can select a study topic based on feasibility, interest, and convenience.
If researchers can recommend a few study subjects relating to their issue. Our topic consultants will assist you in selecting one.
Our team will also provide you with a list of topics which are relevant to them.

  • The research topic should be unique and not already covered elsewhere.
  • The research topic should be relevant to the research you intend to conduct.
  • You and your supervisor should co-relate in the research topic.
  • The research question should be easily understandable.
  • The research topic should be capable of making a meaningful contribution to your academic field. 
3 topic

When picking a study topic, scholars should bear the following criteria in mind:

Synopsis writing

Before writing your thesis, it is crucial to create a synopsis or research proposal. In simple terms, a synopsis is a research plan that will guide you throughout your Ph.D. program or M.Tech projects.

The most challenging aspect of a research proposal or synopsis is that scholars need to present their entire research work in just 15-25 pages. They must do so in a compelling way that impresses their guide enough to offer them a green flag for their thesis.

At SVVA EduTech, our team of experienced professionals has more than twenty years of experience in research techniques, industrial experience, and educational degrees from top-ranked Indian and international universities.

Our experts can assist you in creating a fantastic and original research proposal or synopsis that saves you time and money. Our professional writing services ensure that your thesis summary or research proposal is approved the first time you submit it.

Our writing team guarantees that the following goals are met while generating a Ph.D. or M.Tech research proposal:

The scholar has provided a viable solution.

The scholar is capable of conducting research within the academic system.

  • A 100% safe and trusted service
  • Plagiarism-Free Work with Full References
  • On-time delivery of free work
  • Support available

SVVA EduTech's Unique Features

Review of Literature

Literature review is an analysis of academic papers, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, and other resources related to a particular subject, field of study, or theory. Its purpose is to provide context for a dissertation by identifying previous research.

A review article, which is also known as a review paper, is a written piece based on previously published papers. It does not present any new research. Generally, review articles provide a summary of the existing literature on a particular topic, with the aim of describing what is currently known about the subject.

The key difference between a review paper and a research paper is that a review paper is a secondary source that examines existing reports, while a research paper is a primary source that produces an original report on a topic.

Review or survey paper writing


Assignments are a crucial part of Ph.D. and M.Tech programs. Universities and institutes assign them to researchers to help them gain a thorough understanding of a specific research topic. The goal is to build confidence in the researcher's ability to conduct in-depth analysis and research.

  • Goes into enough detail about the subject, with evidence of extensive research.
  • Clearly express your thoughts.
  • Provides source material references.
  • No assignments are ever re-used or re-sold by us.

If you are struggling to complete your M.Phil./Ph.D. assignment and need assistance, SVVA EduTech is here to help you. We are a trusted writing and publishing company in the region with a great reputation. Our team of specialized writers from various fields works diligently to provide each student with a unique writing experience. We follow a well-defined process and set schedule to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. So, place your order now and get the grades you deserve.

Writing a High-Quality Ph.D Assignment & M.Tech: Tips

Support in Writing a Journal Paper

Writing a research paper or journal article is a common task for Ph.D. and M.Tech students. This type of academic writing requires scholars to describe their learning from extensive research on a particular topic. Scholars gather information from various sources, such as books, journals, interviews, and websites, and incorporate their thoughts, information and viewpoints. However, writing a research paper can be challenging due to various obstacles. Scholars may get stuck in the writing stage, especially if it's their first time writing for a journal. Moreover, publishers may reject the research report for flaws that the scholar may be unaware of. As writing and publishing a research paper can take years, it's essential to seek professional guidance and support to ensure that the paper is of high quality.

SVVA EduTech offers a staff of competent research paper writers and publishers who can help you in this case. We can assist you with research paper writing services, online research paper writers in any part of India, and research paper publishers in India for any domain.

At SVVA EduTech, we provide research paper writing and publication support to scholars. Our team of experienced research paper writers and publishers can help you with research paper writing services, online research paper writers in any part of India, and research paper publishers in India for any domain. We use a variety of online and offline technologies to enhance the quality of your research paper or article and make it more analytical and complete. These tools are the best available, and they will assist you in adhering to your university's research paper writing criteria.

Upon completion of a course, Ph.D. programs require students to present a research-based thesis. This is an essential component of a student's professional career as it can affect their current program and future career prospects. However, writing a thesis that adheres to a specific structure can be challenging, especially when it comes to unique information and meeting deadlines.

At SVVA EduTech, we offer complete thesis writing support to scholars. Our team of experienced research writers provides continued support and supplies thesis statements to help them understand the research writing process. We also offer assistance services to students, including thesis writing and research papers, as well as thesis editing services that include a thorough review of the content, punctuation, grammar, and language.

When scholars use our assistance to write their papers, articles, or chapters, they can rest assured that % of their project will be completed before the deadline, and they will be able to defend it effectively due to the clarity, originality, and scientific value of their research. At SVVA EduTech, we believe in providing good value for money, and we strive to offer our services at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. Our staff will write your project from scratch, ensuring that it is free of plagiarized material.

Thesis Writing Assistance (Ph.D. Thesis & M.Tech Projects)

Summary Writing Assistance

Once you have written your thesis, it is essential to create a summary that will introduce your research project and make a good impression on your readers. This summary is typically placed at the beginning of your work. To ensure that all necessary information is included and that your summary gets approved, SVVA EduTech offers a Ph.D. summary writing service. Experienced writers will write your summary in the format required by your university, making it easier for you to obtain approval.

The qualities of a good summary are as follows:

Contains one or more well-developed, succinct paragraphs
It provides the purpose, results, conclusions, and suggestions using an introduction/body/conclusion structure.
Establishes logical links between the data presented
Does not offer any new information, but rather summarizes

Qualities of a Good Summary

Important steps to drafting a good summary

Follow these steps to write an effective summary:

  • Use your headings and table of contents as a guide to drafting your summary when you've finished your thesis

Ph.D. academic conferences and seminars are organized to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, academicians and educators to share and discuss their research findings and goals. Attendees are expected to present their conference papers which are summaries of their Ph.D. and M.Tech research projects. The conference paper should include the research findings and objectives.

SVVA EduTech Our team has a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the scientific method required for producing conference papers. We have a team of expert writers and editors who have handled and assisted with numerous conference paper writing projects. Our writing and editing team is comprised of industry-experienced subject-specific writers and editors, statisticians, research methodology experts, and proofreaders who hold degrees from top-ranked international and Indian universities.

Conference & Seminar

PowerPoint presentation (PPT)

Your Ph.D & M.Tech thesis presentation is your first chance to show off your findings. Your Ph.D & M. Tech thesis presentation should last about a half-hour and focus on your results and recommendations. While it is simple to produce a lengthy research paper, such as a thesis, the more difficult task is to condense it and deliver it in a concise and effective manner using a limited number of slides. You'll also face difficulties in selecting the appropriate facts to present during the meeting.

SVVA EduTechhas developed a very well procedure for offering a unique Ph.D. Thesis PowerPoint presentation that meets your specific needs. Our presentation will consist of approximately 20 slides that will cover all of the major regions and topics of your Ph.D. thesis work, particularly

  • Contents Outline
  • Problem Statement
  • Justification for your problem statement
  • Research Study Objectives
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Important Research Questions
  • Sample size and population
  • Sampling framework
  • Data collection methods
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Graphical depiction of findings
  • Discussion of findings
  • Study limitations
  • References

One of the most commonly violated rules in the Academic Code of Conduct is plagiarism. This refers to the act of using someone else's work in one's work without proper acknowledgment and citation. When writing a research paper, thesis, synopsis, or assignment, the actual content or original ideas may not be sufficient to meet the required length. As a result, additional literature and content are added, which increases the similarity index or plagiarism percentage. To ensure that the work is accepted, such similarities must be removed.

Plagiarism Report

What is the best way to check for plagiarism?

There are various free online tools available that can be used to determine the similarity index or plagiarism score of a document. These tools can be helpful for scholars who need a quick estimate. However, it is important to note that these free platforms are not always reliable, and their reports may not be accepted by many universities. Therefore, it is recommended that you use genuine plagiarism-checking software for accurate results. 

SVVA EduTech Our Plagiarism Check report is genuine, accurate, and one-of-a-kind. We use only highly dependable, credible, and paid plagiarism checkers that are recognized by academic institutions and universities. For instance, we authenticate by Turnitin and Original (formerly known as Urkund).

Are you interested in becoming a writer? We can help you turn your ambition into a reality with our "Book Assistance & Publishing Services." Writing a book takes imagination, confidence, and dedication, especially when it comes to self-publishing. That's why it's crucial to have an industry expert by your side to guide you through the process. We can help you make the right decisions for your book while staying within your budget, from editing and marketing to cover design and e-formatting.

Once your book is complete, the next step is to find a publisher. However, you don't have to look any further because SVVA EduTech can assist you with "Book Publishing." Choose our services to publish your book for a low or no upfront cost. SVVA EduTech is your one-stop shop for book assistance and publication. “Book writing assistance and publishing" is simple and easy with SVVA EduTech. We've got your back from the beginning to the end of the process.

SVVA EduTech is your one-stop shop for book assistance and publication.

"Book writing assistance and publishing" is simple and easy with SVVA EduTech. We've got your back from the beginning to the end of the process.

Following services will be included in self-publishing package:-

  • Cover design
  • Formatting & compilation
  • ISBN allotment
  • TURNITIN Plagiarism check ( if required)
  • e-book conversion
  • 08 complimentary author copies (print)

Book Writing Assistance & Help with Book Writing

Our Promises

100% Confidentiality Guarantee:Your personal information, payment/billing information, and any other information you share with us will never be shared with a third party.

Plagiarism-Free Content:We guarantee that the content we deliver to you is original and has been thoroughly revised. To detect plagiarism, each document is scanned with a powerful, custom-built software tool.

Free Revisions:We are confident in the quality of our work, but if you need any modifications or changes, we are happy to make them free of charge.

On-Time Delivery:Tight deadlines are not a problem for us. We will always deliver your order on time, without compromising on quality.

Expert Researchers:Our team consists of experts in various subjects who can help you avoid mistakes and achieve your academic goals. We work one-on-one with each customer to ensure a unique and personalized experience.

Safe and Secure Payments:We accept payments through PayPal, PayUMoney, and EBS, so you can pay with confidence using net banking, credit cards, or debit cards.

Passionate Writers:Our team of academic writers knows how to get your book done efficiently and effectively. Their expertise is key to your success.

Support:Our book writing service is always available to assist you. You can call, chat, or email us. We will respond promptly.

  • Over 400 books published
  • Book will be published with ISBN
  • 10-25 pages allowed
  • Peer Review process
  • Each author will receive a publication certificate
  • Economical

As a Ph.D. researcher or academician, you must have spent an extraordinary amount of time at your desk trying to come up with your Ph.D. thesis. However, now is the time to share your hard work with students studying that field and others who are interested in the subject. In reality, the scope of your research may be much broader, and it can attract the attention of a wider audience, in addition to being of direct relevance to your colleagues and students. So, it is a great idea to share your study with a larger audience because it can be of significant importance to not only your colleagues and students but also to other people who are interested in the subject.

Publish A Book Chapter

Publish Thesis as Book

Why Should You Publish Your Thesis as a Book?

  1. Academic Curriculum Inclusion:Successful academic books are usually based on excellent research. If a study topic generates enough interest, it may be included in the normal curriculum and frequent discussions about it.
  2. Broadens the Research Field:Great thinkers are accountable for their field of study. The publication of a thesis contributes to the advancement of a particular field of study. This also gives the researchers the chance to continue their own lines of research and, in some circumstances, leave a legacy.
  3. Data:Publishing research as a book with an ISBN makes it best maintained and used. Colleagues and junior research fellows interested in the same topic can also refer to it. The International Standard Book Identifier (ISBN) is a unique number that helps catalog and track published books worldwide.
  4. Broadening the Research Field: Researchers are accountable for the advancement of their field of study. Publishing a thesis contributes to this advancement and provides an opportunity for researchers to continue their lines of research and leave a legacy.
  5. Research as Motivation:Many academics publish their work as both an important clue and a true inspiration for future generations of students. For instance, John Dalton's atomic theory opened up a new line of inquiry in the field of science, despite most of his theories being proven incorrect.
  6. Research as a Bridge to the Future:Some researchers develop original, valuable notions for society, but they fail to find their way onto the correct path. Documenting their thoughts in a book or similar medium could help ensure that their ideas are not lost, and they may eventually be picked up by someone who can put them into action.
  7. Research for Acknowledgment: Researchers who discover something revolutionary or solve an old human problem publish their thesis to be recognized as proponents of that idea in the literature. Releasing a book allows them to acquire a unique right and widespread appreciation.

After discussing the various reasons for publishing a thesis as a book, let's now focus on the personal advantages of publication.

Royalty: The first benefit that comes to mind is royalty. It is a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of an author's book, which is a recurring income. Research costs can be unpredictable, so this serves as a motivation for many researchers to continue their studies.

Boosts the Credibility of Research:Another advantage of publishing is that it boosts the credibility of research. It may appear strange. However, this is correct. No one knows or cares what a researcher is doing within a laboratory or research project. However, as published books arrive, editors examine them, and the press covers author interviews, individuals become more serious about it, and researchers are able to influence a larger network of people. For any good effect, our society needs more scientists, researchers, and inventors as role models.

Way Ahead : The majority of Ph.D research is published as a journal article. When it comes to publishing your Ph.D research, you have a few alternatives to explore.

  1. Turn Your Ph.D into a Book:This is an option to explore if your thesis covers a large area of interest and concern, demonstrates its relevance to a wider audience, and proposes a solution or alternative.
  2. Publish a Book Based on Portions of Your Thesis:This option should be explored if parts of your study are still in progress or are awaiting findings.
  3. Contribute to an Edited Book:You can submit your research paper to a book that has a collection of writings on a related topic. A well-edited book provides several viewpoints on a topic, broadening the scope of Ph.D. based research through cooperation.

What Are the Advantages?

Finally, you may just publish your thesis. However, turning it into a book will be a delightful experience. Start cautiously, yet confidently, and work on it on a regular basis. When you're finished, contact book publishing businesses to get your thesis turned into a book. After all, a good thesis is worth the time and effort.

If you have any further queries regarding your thesis publication with SVVA EduTech, please contact us at +91 75175 16155 or write at

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